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Watch the Video, anything for Fragile X Our incredible volunteers have run grueling obstacle courses, given up their birthdays, organized fundraisers and even shaved their heads for Fragile. We'd love to hear from you! Once the Fragile X Clinic is established, it will also conduct clinical trials with new drugs that enhance learning, memory and cognitive functioning and will therefore put Surrey Place Centre in a position to make a global impact in the field of neuroscience and autism. Each new patient will have a one-hour initial medical assessment. Clinic description, who will be assessed and treated at the Fragile X Clinic? Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada, client, fragile X Research Foundation of Canada is a national, non-profit organization that raises funds for research and awareness of Fragile X Syndrome. Secondly, the newly established Fragile X Clinic at Surrey Place Centre will be in a position to be the first Canadian centre where the research breakthroughs of the last few years will be turned into routine clinical treatments for everyone with Fragile. Together, Were Stronger, sign up for our Email Newsletter. Connect Locally, connect locally, be a Volunteer, volunteers. Each patient will have a general medical assessment at the clinic with special attention paid to the neglected areas of health in the Fragile X population. Woody works in the education field, bringing great insight and experience to his leadership role. Nfxf Advocacy Day On National Fragile X Foundation Advocacy Day, volunteer advocates head to Washington, DC to train for the next day's visit with their Members of Congress on Capitol Hill. The clinic will assess and treat individuals with a mutation of the FMR1 gene. The role of each health care professional will be to assess the condition of the patient and design activities and programs that would enhance their individual strengths and support their weaknesses. For further information about the clinic and for patient booking, please contact the office.

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The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada is a national non-profit organization which is dedicated to funding biomedical research for improved treatment and, ultimately, a cure for Fragile. Find community, discover Research, find a clinic and get involved in current research projects. Research - To fund and facilitate research that drives scientific and medical advances toward effective treatments and a cure. Participate in one of our many walk/run events across the country, represent the nfxf in other races or even organize an event in your home town!

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Carlo Paribello at (905) or e-mail your request. All patients will be assessed. We were invited to the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell, giving us the amazing chance to raise awareness for Fragile. Health professionals include a geneticist, an occupational therapist, an audiologist, a speech pathologist and a psychologist. Why start a Fragile X Clinic? Patients with Fragile X exhibit a unique constellation of problems, and it is important for this medical expertise to exist, or else the unique problems of Fragile X patients and their families may go unrecognized and inadequately treated. He and his wife are the proud parents of a son with Fragile. Find events and local community groups near you.

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