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Citation needed modok appears as a boss in Marvel Heroes, voiced by Nick Jameson. Is to make the author of definition #2 look like a fool. And ended up briefly transferring his consciousness into the Tri-Carrier, and where he used Pym particles to increase his body mass all the way towards having a full human body form in response to the danger Ultron poses. It doesn't have to pertain to crime. ; an acronym for, m ental m obile m echanized. 3, modok was seen imprisoned in Grandmaster 's ship. However, he made the mistake of recruiting Gwenpool when she killed his top assassin and took credit for his kills. 33 modok Superior edit Unknown to everyone, the doomsday plans left behind by modok serve as a distraction.

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#modus operandi #wiki #corrections #editing #mode of operation #method of operation #mo #mo' by Anomalous Karma April 30, 2009). 27 Employing an elaborate scheme and double-cross, modok restores his personal wealth and power and establishes himself as the leader of AIM once again. M., until he was defeated by Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the rookie Puerto Rican hero known as El Vejigante. Modok appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, voiced again by Charlie Adler. Modok is playable in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Citation needed Television edit A much smaller version of modok appeared in the 1994 Iron Man TV series, voiced by Jim Cummings. The first modok is a former employee. X-Men #0 Secret Avengers (vol.

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In the nick of time,. O.s use the same tools, treatments, and technologies of medicine.D.s. Archived from the original on August 31, 2012. Capcom: Infinite: Live Blog". 18 During the Taking AIM storyline, modok is resurrected because AIM needs modok to assist with the creation of another Cosmic Cube.

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