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Do you need any help with the. Oye, cario, necesitas ayuda? Remember you need to check and include: ü Reasons and opinions. McNally-, do you need any help?

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Necesitas ayuda, viejo amigo? Do you need any help with the luggage? You need to talk about the. Shirley, do you need any help with your wedding? You need to talk about the sports that some of your friends and relatives practise. Do you need any help? Do you need any help in the kitchen? It should be word process and include the four points above as well as pictures and illustrations using any resources available to you. Send us your feedback. Shirley, necesitas ayuda con la boda? You need to talk about what sports you are going to be practising in the future (i.e: when you go on holidays, or when you are older and you live by yourself Cuando sea mayor, cuando viva solo).

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Mama, do you need any help? All the Spanish Help you Need is here. Ü Think of ways to include complex sentences and all present, past and future. As que, necesitas ayuda? Other phrases Other phrases do you mind waiting do you miss do you miss it do you miss me do you mock me do you need do you need a break do you need. Necesitas ayuda en la cocina? Ü Gender and number agreement (masculine, feminine, singular and plural) ü Verb agreement and verbs endings ü Spelling, question marks and exclamations marks ü Include plenty of linking words, time phrases, adverbs, synonyms and adverbs. Do you need any help carrying your things in? Do you need any help, Mary?

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