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Current project work concentrates on strengthening selected progressive young people in making a commitment as citizens. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is confident that the members of the Malagasy delegation gained meaningful insights in and will most certainly be able to discuss even more professionally on future pathways for Madagascars national economic development. Prospects of regional security policy in Africa and its European support ; international conference report, 9 - 10 February 2011 Author: Edited by Manfred Oehm Date: 9- Tag: Peace and Security Link: /pdf-files/iez/08405.pdf 2010 FES Office Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung back to top.

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We have to help each other. The Indian Ocean island remains amongst the poorest in the world with depressing 92 of the population living below the poverty line and highly concerning indicators for human development. Author: Daemers, Julien, date: 30/09-, tag: EU-Africa Dialogue, link: /pdf-files/iez/.pdf 2013. The delegation had the chance to extensively visit the Industrial Park in Hawassa and the facilities of Ethiopian Airlines at Bole International Airport. Fistum Arega (Ethiopian Investment Commission.E. Anthony Mothae Maruping, Commissioner for Economic Affairs at the African Union. Yohannes Ayalew (Vice Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia.E. The one weeks program was marked by bilateral meetings, site visits and background sessions: The delegation learnt from those institutions and personalities that carry the Ethiopian economic growth:.E. Since it became independent from France in 1960, Madagascar has experienced three phases of watershed political change and the founding of four republics and has not achieved any lasting consensus over the design of the government system down to the present day. FES makes an important contribution to stabilising and consolidating democratic institutions and processes. Due to extensive building measures in our premises we currently have only a limited number of workplaces available. Author:Florian Koch and Achieng Maureen Akena. It is against this background that the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (. Items from this collection have to be ordered at the information desk.

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The 2009 coup dtat plunged. Delegation from Madagascar in Addis Abeba. Date: 12/2015, tag: EU-Africa Dialogue, link: newsletter Vol 7 December 2015, title: Making migration beneficial to Europe and Africa. Amongst the research institutions on Ethiopian economic development were the Policy Studies and Research Centre (psrc) and the Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA). Tag: EU-Africa Dialogue Link: /pdf-files/iez/.pdf Title: African approaches to maritime security: Southern Africa Author: Joo Paulo Borges Coelho Date: 2013 Tag: Peace and Security Link: /opac/id/7766152 Title: African approaches to maritime security: Southern Africa Author: Joo Paulo Borges Coelho Date: 2013 Tag. Africa EU Policy Dialogue Platform Series 2015, title: The future of ACP-EU relations: What role for the African Union? This political instability has far-reaching social implications, and the country lacks societal institutions able to carry out a process of socio-political accommodation. Sometimes the structural adjustment programs of the global financial institutions are cited as crucial factors, sometimes there are internal developments that do not favor prosperity and good developments. As a reference library the, fES, library is open to the general public. Date: 11/2015, tag: Migration, link: Making migration beneficial to Europe and Africa. We are all Africans. You can find more information in the library regulations (in German language) of the. The, fES office in, madagascar furthermore coordinates the topical area of sustainability and climate in Sub-Saharan Africa. All library holdings can be used in the reading room, there are no access charges for using the general library services.

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