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Police agencies issued warnings to travellers, advising them not to stop until they reached a police road post or petrol station. Subkhanov's mother reportedly also worked in the official's home. 74 But Ulugmuradov denied his own confession about the purpose of the murders during the court session. The gang was responsible for seventeen murders and two serious injuries. These discrepancies in the gang's motives were widely discussed in Russia and abroad, 47 48 but not in official mainstream media in Russia. The first group of five men, accompanied by two guards, entered the elevator and moved down from the fourth floor where the session was held.

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Grand Theft Auto. Some cosmetic items are also locked behind completing a set amount of these. Late into the night of, an elderly couple, Anatoly and Tatyana Lebedev, were ambushed and killed along the road. Subkhanov became a radical Islamist in 2011, and later fought for the. The preliminary hearing began on 13 July in a closed session and the next session date was set for 19 July. Ulugmuradov gave a confession during the investigation that the leader of the gang forced him to kill absolutely unknown persons for training purposes. 2, stay close to the victim, since leaving the area is considered fleeing. 6 7 Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, theorised the gangsters were Ukrainian nationalists, attempting subversive tactics against the Russian state. Most of the firearms were gas pistols (a non-lethal weapon for self-defence) remade to fire live bullets from standard 9mm ammunition rounds. References, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,822 times.

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This is not the end, yet, to your problems, because there will come new bikers into the area. External links edit Timeline of GTA gang news in Russian:. The male guard managed to call on the radio and warn others in the building. Dont get into the victims car before he gives you a reward, as doing so will cause him to run away and the random event will not be considered complete. 45 46 On 12 November the head representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia (IC or SK in Russian) Vladimir Markin said that news reports that the gang members acted like the heroes of the computer game GTA were unfounded, maintaining. 10 11 Fight and capture edit After warning citizens not to interfere with law enforcement operations, police eventually issued a computer-generated image 12 of a suspect in mid-September 2014. The fugitives held the man as a hostage and beat and tortured the female guard, named Elizaveta Lukjanova, 86 until she fell unconscious.

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