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When will the clinic be held? It is affiliated with the University of Toronto, York University, the University of Guelph and many other teaching institutions. It is accredited with the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. However, as a result of improved diagnostic techniques and increased physician awareness, we expect that this number will steadily increase. Currently there are approximately 200 known affected families across Canada that are listed in the database of the Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada (fxrfc). This will be the first dedicated Fragile X Clinic in Canada and it will serve a dual purpose. Recent advances in this field have allowed researchers to identify a key therapeutic target affecting synaptic plasticity in the brain. This gene makes a protein needed for normal brain development. We are very pleased to announce that The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada has been successful in establishing a Fragile X Clinic at Surrey Place Centre in Toronto. Scheduled to open in June of 2006, it will serve as a centre to assess and treat patients of all ages who have Fragile X syndrome. It affects 1 in 4,000 boys and 1 in 6,000 girls worldwide. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Surrey Place Centre is a community-based organization, providing complex diagnostics, counseling, service coordination, behavioural therapy, and educational programs to people living with a developmental disability and their families. Patients with Fragile X exhibit a unique constellation of problems, and it is important for this medical expertise to exist, or else the unique problems of Fragile X patients and their families may go unrecognized and inadequately treated. The clinic will assess and treat individuals with a mutation of the FMR1 gene. Another reason to love Citrus Silver!

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What will the Clinic do? All patients will be assessed. Secondly, the newly established Fragile X Clinic at Surrey Place Centre will be in a position to be the first Canadian centre where the research breakthroughs of the last few years will be turned into routine clinical treatments for everyone with Fragile. Patients will be referred to the clinic by the fxrfc. Fraxas mission is to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X syndrome. Treatments for Fragile X are likely to help people affected by autism, Alzheimers, and other brain disorders. Alle anzeigen, mehr anzeigen. The role of each health care professional will be to assess the condition of the patient and design activities and programs that would enhance their individual strengths and support their weaknesses. The clinic will be held every two weeks on Mondays. The Surrey Place Centre Foundation also raises funds from individuals, corporations, and foundations for additional support. Alle ansehen, beiträge, givingTuesday is coming! Referral to Allied Health Professionals, patients will then be referred to allied health professionals at Surrey Place Centre and Toronto General Hospital as required. Clinic description, who will be assessed and treated at the Fragile X Clinic?

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The first will be the provision of a facility where affected patients and their families can access physicians with the expertise and knowledge to treat this neuropsychiatric disorder. The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada is a national non-profit organization which is dedicated to funding biomedical research for improved treatment and, ultimately, a cure for Fragile. Fragile X syndrome occurs when a single gene on the X chromosome shuts down. Carlo Paribello.S.M,.D., Family Physician, President, Medical Director, Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada and Leeping Tao, RN-MN-acnp, Nurse Practitioner, Surrey Place Centre. We directly fund research grants and fellowships at top universities around the world.

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