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Marsheaux mySpace, marsheaux facebook marsheaux Homepage » Further products of Undo Records. Beautiful digipack CD, housed into an emboidered echo-brown outer case. Mordacious Mordant Music Morgue Poetry Morlocks Morrissey Mortal Void Morten Harket Morthem Vlade Art Mortiis Mother Motor Moulin Noir Moving Units Mr Jones Machine. The girls fresh from their shows in London (teec2, along with the legendary dj of Blitz Club and member of Ultravox and Visage, Rusty Egan) and at Oslo's Elektrofest, Marianthi and Sophie come back for a new bunch. Track, zeit 1, self Control 04:01 2, secret Place 03:52 3, inhale 03:43 4, to The End 04:47 5, come On Now 03:58. Seiten: 1 2 nächste angezeigte Produkte: 1 bis 10 (von 18 insgesamt bezeichnung, vÖ-Datum-, preis, bestellen, marsheaux - Lumineux Noir / Limited Coloured Etched Edition (2x 12" Vinyl MP3) versandbereit, sofort lieferbar 24,95. Kitty mrdtc MS Gentur MulpHia Mundtot Munich Syndrome Murder of My Sweet, The Murderous Mistake, The Murphy, Peter Muse My Black Light My Consequence My God Damn Territory Myk Jung Mystery Of Dawn Mystic Underground, The Mystigma. Lon is crunchy, sexy and optimistic. Thanks to the new developments in technology that inform the current electronic scene, the album reflects this new phase of their career in a brilliant and challenging way.

Marsheaux - Inhale / Canadian Version (CD, pOPonaut, ticket - und

Lon sounds vibrant and deep, sunny and classy. Lon were created, observers will recognise it as an achievement, the crown of their twelve year career and a new chapter in their creativity. MDM Me The Tiger chine. Moon.74 Moonlight Affair Moonlight Cove Moonrise Moran Magal Morbid Angel Morbus. Inspired by the aura of success that A Broken Frame had around Europe, Ath. It was mixed at Spacelab Studios in London and mastered by Nikonn and Dominique Brethes at FloW Mastering. Lon (12" Vinyl) versandbereit, sofort lieferbar 21,95. Strong enough - 7, safe Tonight - 8, mediterranean - 9, lets take a Car - 10, the Beginning of the End - » Weitere Produkte von, marsheaux. The tracks "Self Control" and "End Is A New Start" that open and close the album respectively, sound like strong electro pop epics. Marianthi moved to London and the girls had to commute between Athens and London to record the album. Four years after the release of "Lumineux Noir" and just one year after their collectable compilation "E-Bay Queen Is Dead Marsheaux return with their fourth album. In den Warenkorb, auf den Merkzettel, marsheaux - Ath.

Marsheaux - Inhale / Greek Version (CD, pOPonaut, ticket - und

Kanadische Version des Albums mit 3 Bonustracks. Lon (CD) versandbereit, sofort lieferbar 14,75 In den Warenkorb Auf den Merkzettel Marsheaux - Safe Tonight (MCD) versandbereit, sofort lieferbar 7,95 In den Warenkorb Auf den Merkzettel Marsheaux - A Broken Frame / 2nd Edition (2CD) versandbereit, sofort lieferbar. Considering the circumstances in which the ten songs on Ath. Marsheaux soundcloud, marsheaux mySpace, marsheaux @.

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