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Dans les mmes priodes temporelles, la langue anglaise utilise l'expression venereal diseases (VD puis sexually transmitted diseases (STD) et sexually transmitted infections (STI). 1, more than 30 different bacteria, viruses, and parasites can be transmitted through sexual activity. Lis, Rebecca; Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali; Manhart, Lisa E (2015). Trials, however, have found it ineffective 86 and it may put women at a higher risk of HIV infection. (Note: Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E are transmitted via the fecal-oral route ; Hepatitis C is rarely sexually transmittable, 50 and the route of transmission of Hepatitis D (only if infected with B) is uncertain, but may include sexual transmission. Geschlechtsverkehr übertragen werden können. In 1924, a number of states concluded the Brussels Agreement, whereby states agreed to provide free or low-cost medical treatment at ports for merchant seamen with venereal diseases. 81 Vaccines Vaccines are available that protect against some viral STIs, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and some types of HPV. 1 5, many times STIs initially do not cause symptoms. 10 In 2015, about.1 billion people had STIs other than HIV/aids.

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La probabilit de transmission des maladies par l'activit sexuelle varie grandement d'une pathologie l'autre. 90713 ( pmid, pmcid 2852627, DOI.1097/QAD.0b013e3283372d90 ) «Giardia, Epidemiology Risk Factors», Center For Disease Control, (consult le ) «Hepatitis A, Division of Viral Hepatitis», Center For Disease Control, (consult le ) « Shigella Infections among Gay Bisexual Men ». " Hepatitis B Archived at the Wayback Machine.". Aral, Sevgi O (2008). PID can cause serious problems during pregnancy and even has the potential to cause infertility. 92 needs update Epidemiology Age-standardized, disability-adjusted life years for STDs ( excluding HIV ) per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004. HPV can be passed through genital-to-genital contact as well as during oral sex.

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Für Syphilis besteht eine Meldepflicht für die anonymisierten Daten der Erkrankungsfälle an das Robert-Koch-Institut. Symptoms can include small fluid-filled blisters, headaches, backaches, itching or tingling sensations in the genital or anal area, pain during urination, Flu like symptoms, swollen glands, or fever. 85 Nonoxynol-9 Researchers had hoped that nonoxynol-9, a vaginal microbicide would help decrease STI risk. Ren Burgun und Paul Laugier: Die Geschichte der Geschlechtskrankheiten. Citation needed Other STIs, even viral infections, can be prevented with the use of latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms as a barrier.

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