Generic, drugs : Answers to Common Questions

The difference is consistency and predictability; you can be sure that the inactive ingredients in brand name drugs aren't changing. If you know the drugs active ingredient, search using that; search results with multiple manufacturers indicate the generic is probably available. In fact, generics are required to show bioequivalence with the brand name drug they are derived from. Quality, fDA regulations mean that generic drugs are required to be as safe and as effective as brand-name drugs. According to the FDA, a generic drug is typically 80-85 cheaper than the brand name alternative.

Brand, name : What Should You Buy

Difference between Generic and Brand Name Drugs. Common Brands/Generics, a list of generic alternatives to brand name drugs is available here. The process for evaluating drug products is constantly being improved and updated to keep up with international standards of regulatory approval. For most drugs, generics are as effective as the brand name drug. MedEffect Canada web section, you can also call toll free at or TTY. The generic drug must contain the same amount of medicinal ingredient as the brand name reference product. Generic equivalent, medical use, abilify, aripiprazole, psychosis, Depression. Once the FDA made all the necessary steps to ensure the drugs safety, the company can now have this product become a brand name as long as it is patent protected. In these studies, the level of a medicinal ingredient in the blood of healthy human volunteers is measured. Updated: April 2012, original: April 2001, her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Minister of Health, 2012. Generic drug and brand name drug are two classifications for drugs. Prices, generic drugs are significantly cheaper than brand name drugs, because the makers of generic drugs do not have to cover the cost of developing and marketing a new product. Swallowing a pill, or injection) of the generic medication be the same as the brand name. For example, some drugs use dyes or artificial flavors that could cause an allergic reaction.

Generic, drugs and Are they Safe?

Although theyre written for health-care professionals, not consumers, they can be helpful. Risks with inactive ingredients, generics may use different inactive ingredients and some people may be allergic to some of the inactive ingredients used by various generics manufacturers. You can usually skip to the section of the package insert titled Description to find the list of inactive ingredients. To find out if your medication is available as a generic,.

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