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Corcoran, Miglionico, Overton and Shores were all re-elected to four year terms. Council: 1977 Estell, Miglionico and Overton were re-elected to four year terms, joined by John Katopodis. Larry Langford won the two-year seat. Wiggins position as council president was unchallenged. Council: 1969 The newly-elected and re-elected members of the Council are sworn in in November, 1969. The Studio is a flexible venue which caters for a prolific and wide-ranging program of productions, events, functions, exhibitions and community activities. Deliveries to site and handling to the individual areas were planned in conjunction with all parties to ensure compliance with the main contractors stringent requirements.

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Eddie Blankenship won the two-year seat. Overton (4th term) Arthur Shores (3rd term president pro tem Liston Corcoran (3rd term, 2 years David Herring Angi Grooms Proctor (2nd term) Russell Yarbrough (2nd term) Richard Arrington, Jr (1st term) David Vann (1st term) David Herring (1st term) 1975. Council: 1985 Blankenship and Myers were re-elected to four-year terms, joined by Roosevelt Bell and Linda Coleman. The team at Stage Electrics was able to replace the original with a Christie DHD 800 projector with a higher specification at a lower price. As a result of a lawsuit brought. City of Birmingham the method of electing the City Council was changed by court order to district representation in 1989. And because technology is always changing, Stage Electrics finger-on-the-pulse attitude showed to good advantage when the originally-specified AV projector was discontinued by the manufacturer shortly before the commissioning date. Council: 1987 Germany, Herring and William Bell were re-elected to four-year terms, joined by Mike Graffeo. The Stage Electrics team, led by Chris Brant, was responsible for integrating these systems with the building-wide Bosch show relay and paging system provided by electrical contractors, Emcor. Council: 1983 Members of the Birmingham City Council in 1983: Back (L-R Eddie Blankenship, Jeff Germany, John Katopodis, Russell Yarbrough, William Bell, Bill Myers. Council: 1971 Hawkins and Yarbrough were re-elected to four-year terms. Described by, francine Houben of, mecanoo, its Belgian-based architects, as a peoples palace, the complex has been designed as a major cultural destination and sets a new standard for libraries in the 21st century. Birmingham is the largest of England's core cities, and is often considered to be the second city of the United Kingdom.

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Douglas was also re-elected, but died in office. Johnathan Austin to increase their expense allowance to 25,000 per year and to increase council salaries by 10,000 beginning in 2017, doubling members' overall compensation. IPA: /bmm/ Burr-ming-am) is a city in and a constituent part of the metropolitan county of the West Midlands, England. Within the Studio, the auditorium is served by a bank of retractable seating and a seating pit. Today Birmingham is a major international commercial centre, ranked as a beta world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network; and an important transport, retail, events and conference hub. This required close collaboration between Carillion, the electrical contractor Emcor, and the stage engineering contractor, Centre Stage. There is a distinctive Brummie dialect and accent, both of which differ from the adjacent Black Country. Technology improvements contracted from Granicus of San Francisco, California and installed in early 2008 allow a video record of council meetings to be indexed and published on the internet, along with electronically-recorded votes. These and a stage lighting equipment rack housing the worklight control system are installed in the dimmer room located in the main plant room above the Studio. House and working lights are controlled by an ETC Paradigm system with a combination of portable and fixed touchscreen and local control panels distributed throughout the Studio and ancillary areas. These panels contain sockets for distribution of the dimmed and non-dimmed power and the 13A, 32A or 63A stage lighting power, in addition to the DMX and Ethernet data networks, and simultaneously allow for future implementation of more advanced control protocols and worklight controls. It is used by both organisations and significantly expands the range and quantity of work Birmingham Rep can produce and present. Front (L-R Steven Hoyt, Valerie Abbott, Jay Roberson, Lashunda Scales References Franklin, Jimmie Lewis (1989) "Appendix: Birmingham Mayors and Council Members, 1963-Present. The Council was originally composed of nine at-large members.

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