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Weinstock mentioned several other disorders that may increase risk of sibo but more research is needed, these include: Crohns disease, celiac disease.  This combo drug therapy may be better than neomycin on its own in terms of minimizing risk of neomycin drug resistance.  Some GI doctors are not fully on board with this the breath test for diagnosing sibo as it is not a validated test but for nowit is the least invasive and most likely test to be used in clinical practice.

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Treatment and Remedies

Testing: The consensus at this conference was to undergo a lactulose breath test to evaluate for sibo. Probiotics: There was a difference in opinion regarding the use of probiotics for this condition. Stress-decreases motility of the intestine so bacteria can build up in the intestine.  Just because a product is an herb doesnt mean that it will not have side effects!  Of course, if you choose to try herbal therapies do so with a knowledgable practitioner. A positive hydrogen test is 20 PPM (not necessarily 20 PPM rise above baseline but rather any reading 20 PPM would be a test) w/in 90 minutes. The test should measure both  hydrogen and methane gas. ( 10 research from diverse fields demonstrates the negative effects of gut dysbiosis and inadequate friendly flora on a variety of health outcomes. Pimentel does not recommend them at this time but some of the other physicians. To protect infants gut health, especially those infants born through cesarean section, it is crucial to exclusively breastfeed for at least six months, with breastfeeding continuing on-demand throughout the complementary feeding period (up to 2 years of age). One study found that after a single treatment of intravenous antibiotics, fecal bacteria tests demonstrated a significant change in the variety of bacterial strains, and the development of the pathogen.  Probiotics mentioned included Align and Culturelle (Nature Health and Wellness w/o inulin).

The high price of antibiotic use : can our guts

Antibiotics are known to cause diarrhea, which may be due to infection by antibiotic resistant pathogens such as salmonella,.  If you dont determine the cause, it will likely just come back.  There needs to be research in this area! Pancreatic insufficiency, small intestinal diverticulosis (small pouches that develop in the small intestinal wall).

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