Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid - Why is the

Selling the products of major pharmaceutical companies? In Deutschland lag Zyprexa im Jahr 2005 an 119. Ein investigativer Top-Journalist soll über seine Methoden und Informanten plaudern.

Eli, lilly : Der Skandal unter dem Teppich

Like a bizarre test at school My memory doesnt fail me, but the procedure does demand nerves and concentration. Growing up in British Guyana Do It or Else. The first lawsuits against the.S.

side effects: deathconfessions of a Pharma Insider

Die New York Times berichtet aktuell über interne Unterlagen der Firma Eli Lilly, nach denen diese ihr bekannte Risiken des Neuroleptikums bewusst verharmlost hat. O9506 Page 13 Die Pharmaindustrie und die Pharmareferenten stehen da mit der Hose bis zu den Knöcheln runtergelassen, und das was man sieht, ist wahrlich kein schöner Anblick. This Medication Guide has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for all antidepressants. The documents also show that Lilly encouraged primary care doctors to treat the symptoms and behaviors of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder even if the doctors had not actually diagnosed those diseases in their patients. Both were thought to be safer than older and cheaper drugs, becoming bestsellers as a result, but turned out to have serious side effects. Daraufhin forderte Richter Weinstein. Ich hoffe ja auf ein paar Kommentare. Since then, doctors have noticed others. If they succeed, the struggle to allow my testimony to be used will have been for nothing. That change was never made. Hodge's suggestion was brilliant, if somewhat Machiavellian, in that by creating a large "background" presence of fluorine compounds in the environment, esp. Lilly sales material encouraged representatives to promote Zyprexa as a safe, gentle psychotropic suitable for people with mild mental illness.

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